Sail in Asia Day Charter Sailing – Best day out in Phuket

Your holiday on Phuket Island may well be memorable because you chose to rent a boat from Sail in Asia.  Look at the icons below and choose a boat that suits your requirements.  Our one day charter yachts are ideal for the Islands Day Trip.  Your  skipper and your group can cruise close by the idyllic tropical islands of SE Phuket.  You are in the hands of a great skipper who will sail you around the islands, take you to bays for lunch,  swimming and snorkelling - then sail back to our very beautiful base, at Ao Yon on Phuket Island.

You can choose to charter any of the boats below. Full details of each boat are available on this site. We recommend you review the vessels and contact us to find out if you can book the boat for the day of your choice.


Booking a Yacht

Some vessels are ideal for large parties – Escape Artist and Seraph.  Our Platus and our Trimaran ‘Shanghai Babe’ are perfect for smaller groups and really are exciting and FUN!

The motor yacht Fara is a 63 ft Sunseeker that only takes 12 passengers but in exquisite style and to locations far off the normal tourist track. Experience the opulence and style of this world famous luxury yacht. You won’t be disappointed.

Please note that Bookings must be made 24 hours (minimum), in advance, for all of our Charter Fleet Yachts.

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Sail in Asia - Learn to Sail or Cruise the islands

Sail in Asia offer a half and full-day, day  sailing trips and power boat trips. The trips can be either learning opportunities or just enjoyable boat trips. You can do private trips or Join In trips.  If you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or a special occasion why not book one of our beautiful boats?

 We can provide you with a skipper and crew to carefully explore the waters of Phuket or you can enjoy learning the basics of sailing practically on the boat.   Learn or Cruise that's our unique choice for you!

With our Learn to Sail Day Trip you will get you on the water, steering the boat, adjusting the sails and feeling the power of the wind. You will be sailing the boat, not the instructor! You’ll learn some of the basics and that all-important terminology! All of this in a safe environment with well qualified, experienced instructors, modern, well equipped boats AND in one of the most beautiful areas of beautiful Thailand.

Our Cruise the islands Day Trip or half day Trip takes you out on the water and you are in the hands of a great skipper and crew who will sail you around the islands, take you to bays for lunch and swimming or snorkelling then sail back to our very beautiful base, at Ao Yon on Phuket Island.

Day Sailing with Sail in Asia

Day trips in Ao Yon Bay on our lovely Platus. Fun for all and so reasonably priced for full day or half day boat trips.

Piccolo Day trip in Phuket

Our beautiful Farr 1104 Piccolo is a dream boat to sail on. Sail around the islands. Lunch in a bay at a restaurant or picnic. Swim and snorkel off the back of the boat. A superb day out in Phuket's clear tropical waters.

Imagine looking up at taught white sails straining with power of the wind, set against the unbelievably blue sky of Thailand. The invigorating breeze on your face and the powerful feel of the boat beneath your feet as it slices cleanly through the waves. Experienced sailors will tell you - day charter sailing is more than just a sport, it’s a whole new world. Why sail? The fun, the freedom, the excitement, the relaxation. There are a myriad experiences awaiting you when you day charter a quality sailing yacht from Sail In Asia. From extreme excitement through to the ultimate in relaxation day charter trips have it all. What better way to enjoy the beauty of the sea, a million miles from the stresses of everyday life? Enjoy a day charter in Phuket and you'll know the experience yourself.

Join Us for our budget day trips  

If you are a couple the Platu is the most economical for day or half day charter or perhaps you would like to Join a Boat which means going out to an island and enjoying the trip and a beach with other like minded people.

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