Corsair F28 Trimaran

F28 Corsair Trimaran - Sail in Asia Day Charter

The F28 Corsair Trimaran from Sail in Asia is available for Day Charter at a very competitive price. Extraordinary speed and rapid acceleration are the characteristics of this amazing vessel. The F28 trimaran has the ability to fly on a puff of wind, effortlessly, thanks to the high-performance sails and low drag of its hulls.. Comfortable stability at any speed and in almost all sea conditions is simply a feature of beam and buoyancy. Heeling (often unpopular with sailors) is restricted to about 15 degrees, which feels like about 5 degrees on the broad, flat deck and trampolines of a Corsair.

Superior safety is inherent in the design and construction which stems from the same features that make them sail flat and fast. In fact, with the hulls filled to the brim with water, the positive buoyancy of the materials of construction keep the vessel afloat even with all crew aboard.

Corsair C28 trimaran

Corsairs fold up and pull out effortlessly, the mast comes down in moments, tows easily and smoothly and saves you a bundle on slip fees and seasonal storage. You can sail or motor up to the beach, step off and drop anchor on land, then you can see if it is set properly! No need to load up the dinghy as everything is with you aboard and nearby.

The accommodation is streamlined for racing, however the berth areas are sufficient and comfortable. You’re apt to lounge on deck or in the cockpit most of the time but when you do go below you’ll have all the comfort you need.


  • Weight - 2,900lbs / 1315 kg
  • Length Overall - 28'5'' / 8.7 m
  • Beam - 19'9'' / 6.1 m
  • Beam folded - 8'3'' / 2.5m
  • Draft (hull only) - 1'2'' / 0.36m
  • Draft (D/B down) - 4'11'' / 1.5m
  • Mast length - 38' / 11.6m
  • Capacity - 6 / 7 people

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Our SIA trimaran in action

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