CPH Phuket Race Week Regatta – July 2021

The CPH Hotel Phuket Race Week is one of the best regattas in Asia, held during July each year. This event is hosted at the Cape Panwa Hotel in Phuket. The regatta usually attracts over 40 yachts all competing for honours. Sail In Asia has a One Design Yacht Fleet of 7 Platus available for charter at extremely competitive proices. SIA also has a range of racing yachts for charter that include many regatta winners.Check out our dedicated racing website for further information.

Special Price Charter Yachts

Our Platus are really competitively priced and are really exciting to race, in the tropical waters of Phuket. The boats are all fitted with One Design equipment and sails.  Every yacht is measured and weighed and performs as well as any other boat. The beauty of sailing in a One design Fleet is knowing its all about the crewing skill of your boat, that determines your position, in the fleet races.

Piccolo - Farr 1104.

  • Special Discount Price of 150,000 THB for Phuket Race Week 2021


Click HERE for more details about this yacht.

Absolute One Design Class - Platu 25ft Sports Yacht

  • From 69,000 THB for Phuket Race Week 2020

Tiger in Trouble

Click HERE for more details about this yacht.

Corsair Trimaran - Shanghai Baby

  • From 200,000 THB for Phuket Race Week 2020

Corsair C28 Trimaran

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Available for 200,000THB for Phuket Race Week

Superb boat new trampolines and electronics!  Sheer fun and so much space.

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