Safety training pays off

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Below is an email that we received from a student of ours that had just completed his STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training with us. As you will see he was involved in a serious boat fire – the boat was lost but because of the training he had received no-one was injured; he knew what to do to save lives.

Hi sail in Asia team,

You will not believe me about what’s happen to me yesterday early morning.

Saturday after the STCW course, I went on board MV XXXXXX 1, for a diving liveaboard in the south of Thailand (kho haa, Hin deang…).

We left Chalong bay at 9 pm.
2h15 am Sunday, 40 miles away from the main land, the guests wake up us, because the fire started in the engine room bellow the cabins.
The captain stop the engine, and the generator stop in a same time.
So fire on board!
no mobile conexion, no power for the VHF, no light.
The people were running on the upper deck in the dark, every where. So difficult to check, count and calm every body!
The crew and captain, didn’t know really what to do.

So by team of 3 peoples (dive staff and guests), we did 2 thinks in a same time:
– try to fixe the VHF with the batterys of our diving torch light.
– set up the life raft (food, water…).

During this time the thai staff try again to stop the fire by opening all the doors, so the fire increase??!!!
So we had to stop them….and close every doors to get more time to live the boat….
Anyway, it was to late, and the fire to big, to much smoke…

Few minutes later, guests and 5 crew were in the life raft far away enough from the boat.
At that time the VHF started to work with the batterys from the dive torch light.
We were still 3 crew on board (including captain), tried to call on every VHF channel (nobody answer on the 16).

Finely, we get one fishing boat (give GPS point with a smart phone, identity of the boat, number of people…), and we left the boat by the dingy to join the life raft.
In the same time the water was starting to come already in, the fire very increase in cabins and captain cabin in the front.

3h20 am the boat sunk and the fishing boat arrived.

Every body safe, no injurys,….. now in one hotel to Phuket town.

So really think you to the STCW course!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
All the crew should have this training………. very important………to know what you have to do……….and how to do… hesitate…..evaluate the plan….make a plan and follow it…
Any way they were very help full.

Kinds regards,

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