The Sail in Asia Sailing Club

Welcome to the Club

The Sail in Asia Sailing Club has been formed to encourage our students, past and present to Go Sailing.  Students who complete or have already completed a Zero To Hero Course are able to become Full Members of the SIA Sailing Club which gives them access to our yachts, at reduced fees, (better than any other charter company or school in Thailand).

The aims of the club are to enhance students sailing abilities and to ensure they have easy access to yachts. Students can accumulate mileage and maintain or improve their skills and knowledge - particularly if they wish to become Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore skippers.

Yachts will also be available for students who wish to join racing regattas and who want to learn to use asymmetric and radial spinnakers or who just want to improve their yacht handling. You may choose to book into our Weekend Sailing (with safety boats in attendance).

Racing Courses will be organised for interested students or Members which will enable them to participate in local or International Regattas. We will teach crews to handle spinnakers, tune their boat and improve their boat handling when they join Sail in Asia Sailing Club.

There are two types of membership. Full Membership and Associate Membership. The benefits and entitlements to both memberships are outlined in the columns below.

SIA Club members


Use of Clubhouse (except Corporate Days) Can bring up to 4 paying guests / family to sail with
Up to 50% charter discount on SIA Yachts Can book a yacht to sail in advance, with own group
Join Us Regattas Join Us Cruises
Discounts on further IYT / ISSA and SIA Courses* Milecatcher Cruises up to 50% discount
Airport Transfers and Accommodation service

Our Full Membership

Full Membership of the SIA Sailing Club brings with it some major benefits.  Check out the benefits in the download below to see if this appeals to you.

Full Membership is family oriented. The annual cost is 15000THB which is effectively as little as 300THB per week.

SIA Club associates

Associate Members

Use of Clubhouse Individual participation
Up to 25% charter discount on SIA Yachts Join in / form crews for only 1500THB per day
Join Us International Racing Regattas Can join Crew Register
Milecatcher Cruises up to 20% discount Join Us for Local Racing at Phuket Yacht Club (Twice a month) 1800THB (includes race fees)

Our Associate Membership

Our Associate Membership is aimed at Individuals rather than Full Members.  Benefits are outlined on the download and are priced favourably with participation in many Join Us activities.

Associate Membership is individually oriented. The annual cost is 10,000THB which is effectively as little as 200THB per week.  Complete the Download and send it back to us to become a member.


Full details of the SIA Club in a downloadable & printable PDF file. Just click to view: Sail in Asia Club PDF

Our Yacht Fleet

Sail in Asia's Fleet comprises Platus, Farr 1104's, Corsair 28 Trimaran and 4 RIBs not to mention our 22 person Dragon Boats. The fleet is pretty big and Members and Associate Members can use many of the craft.

The Platus are all very similar and we use them for training beginners and International Regattas.  They are great boats to take out for a coastal day trip or just a bit of fun in Ao Yon Bay.

The Trimaran is for the speed freaks amongst you. They can do over 20 knots on a windy day but are a delight for local journeys or weekend sailing.  They can be parked right on the beach!

The Farr 1104's are the greatest training yachts I've ever used. Superb balance and feel, fast but not overwhelming and a delight for demonstrating controls and technique. They are superb day boats with easy access to the water for snorkelling or picnics ashore.

Our big RIB is used mainly for RIB Master training but can be rented out too for family excursions to beaches on nearby islands.

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