Sail in Asia Day Charter Sailing – Best day out in Phuket

Your holiday on Phuket Island may well be memorable because you chose to rent a boat from Sail in Asia.  Look at the icons below and choose a boat that suits your requirements.  Our one day charter yachts are ideal for the Islands Day Trip.  Your  skipper and your group can cruise close by the idyllic tropical islands of SE Phuket.  You are in the hands of a great skipper who will sail you around the islands, take you to bays for lunch,  swimming and snorkelling - then sail back to our very beautiful base, at Ao Yon on Phuket Island.

Booking a Yacht

You can choose to charter any of the boats above.  Full details of each boat are available on this site. We recommend you review the vessels and contact us to find out if you can book the boat for the day of your choice.  Some vessels are ideal for large parties – The Motor Catamaran and Seraph.  Our Platus and our Trimaran ‘Shanghai Babe’ are perfect for smaller groups and really are exciting and FUN!  Please note that Bookings must be made 24 hours (minimum), in advance, for all of our Charter Fleet Yachts.

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