Phuket Watersports Centre an introduction

Explore our Phuket Water Sports Centre in beautiful Ao Yon

Phuket Water Sports Centre (PWSC) is located at Ao Yon Beach on Cape Panwa which is regarded as the best and most beautiful cove on Phuket island. Learn more about our almost perfect location at Ao Yon, on Cape Panwa, and our fleet of 12 yachts and water sports activity centre in the video below. Most of our training and team building happens in this ideal location. Our water sports centre has changing rooms, and amenities, right by the beach. Our yachts are anchored only 200 metres off it. Phuket Water Sports Centre is the hub of all this healthy and fun activity. Come and visit us if you can and see for yourself what a great club, we have at Yon Bay.


Yacht Charters

Our Yacht Fleet at PWSC

The yachts we use are really superb Sail Training and racing boats. We have a Corsair 28 multi hull yacht, two Farr 11m fast cruiser racers, as well as Magic, our 10.5m Racing Yacht aswell as a fleet of 7 Platus sportsboats, that are the envy of every competitor. The yachts are used for flotilla sailing and training for International schools -  including International Award expeditions.

The Keelboats are ideal for Team Building and Mini regattas. Our Corporate Sailing Program is well established in Phuket and is popular with banks, insurance companies, lawyers and oil and gas companies.

Members of the club are able to charter the yachts at discount rates and at the weekends we enable members or former course attendees, to take out, our boats for the princely sum of 1500 THB per session. This ensures that members don't lose their skills - Platus are ideal for small groups of just three persons. We ask our Members to join Whats App groups for the various activities on offer at weekends. This helps them form small groups to Go Sailing.

Membership Club

Club Membership and Activities

Membership is still free until January 31st 2022!  This introductory offer is to end shortly as we already have 50-60 members of the club and we want to try and have a small membership of 100 persons / families active at weekends and sometimes during the week. The December 12th COME AND TRY IT activities will we hope make our centre more visible and even more active. This first Event will we hope, include not just activities, but also a fabulous BBQ.



Events at PWSC

Members have a monthly programme currently being organised by Jason Thelen who is carefully starting all sorts of weekend activities. We will shortly be trying to run a COME AND TRY IT weekend to make Phuketians aware of our lovely centre with a view to establishing a Sailing and Dragon Boating Club Membership.

Join Our WhatsApp Groups

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Activities Shop

Activities Shop - Whats on Offer at PWSC?

Check out the activities shop and see what you, your friends, your family or your employees might be able to do at Ao Yon and environs by visiting the Activities Shop on the website. You'll be surprised by whats on offer and hopefully you will be amazed at the good value of participating in these activities.

PWSC Beach

The Beach at Yon Bay

Our Water Sports Centre is right in the middle of the Ao Yon beach. It's a truly perfect location for water sports! We arrange Private Yacht Charter and excursions and less expensive Join In activities, on keelboats and yachts too! Ao Yon Beach is a hidden treasure! The beach location is very quiet and secluded. Access to the beach is by foot. Cars and motorbikes are not allowed down to the beach thus ensuring a delightful environment, so please park up on the road above. The beach is perfect, gently sloping, clean, no rocks, no urchins and generally very small waves. It's Phuket's safest beach location and one of its best.

Our beachside location allows us to rent out canoes and SUP's. The bay is generally a calm bay so not a lot of waves so canoeing and Paddle boarding is actually a lot easier here than at most beaches around Phuket Island. Our trimaran, Shanghai Baby can easily be parked right in front of our water sports centre. The beach side location makes it easy for young and old to get into boats or yachts. Our staff accomodatingly ferry you out to the blue water sailing yachts, for your day charter. It's the start of a perfect day on water.

Weekend Activities

Weekend Activities and Yacht Charter

Want to be alone or with some close friends on a superb yacht this weekend? That's what we can offer you and that's what we are able to provide. Superb sailing yachts, sports boats for the active, diving boats or even live aboard for a private party. The Captain and crew can host you, teach you or just cruise with you. Splendid evening locations in Phang Nga Bay are so easy to organise and what could be better than enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset and then dining in a splendid yacht or ashore at a secret location we keep to ourselves (so as not to despoil the environment).

Members only trips

Island Trips for Members of PWSC

Island trips are one of our most popular activities. We try to schedule one every month. We offer a one, two or three day trip to outlying islands. We sail in Flotilla 2 to 5 boats and so we can take a lot of people. The Island trips are only open to members or former yacht course attendees. This is principally for safety reasons as we then have boats going out with crews with some or a lot of sailing skills.

Sailing Trips are scheduled for 2022 and we will post their availability and dates on our social media platforms. We intend to have a Whats App Group for island visits. Generally we sail to an island like Ko Yao Noi and stay overnight in a lovely hotel. It's a weekend sailing with special benefits and treats - Spoil yourself and 'live life' - its the secret of spiritual fulfillment!