Outdoor education in Asia

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At Sail in Asia we believe in a learner-centred approach to OE that is well organisedand fun! Our programs are professionally designed, to provide, comprehensive experiential learning activities. All our sailing courses give your students  an Internationally recognised qualification from the International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA).

Our Core Activities and courses will form the basis of your educational trip and give your students high quality learning experiences on, or in, the water. Check out our dedicated website and adventurous journeys. Review it and contact us if you think its a suitable option for your school trips. We hope it gives you plenty of information about us, before you make important choices for organising your OE this year.


The link in the photos below give you an idea of Sail in Asia activities with Schools. We are not only a watersports centre but also educators. Sail in Asia design and write training courses and handbooks for ISSA. We are the regions most active and progressive outdoor education centre. Call us for a chat about your outdoor education options and lets see if we can find something for your students to participate in?