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Yacht Training in Asia is our passion and expertise.

If you want to establish an ISSA sea school, contact Sail in Asia. SIA are often involved in consultancy work with people who want to open ISSA schools. SIA can help by training new instructors and also advising owners of new sea schools how to become accredited and to ensure they have a quality QMS in place, before they open their school for business. Our role is to gently help the management to ensure safety is number 1 and that the equipment and the teaching facility is of a high quality. Yachts are also inspected and must pass muster. Local marine regulations must be complied with and staff must be ISSA qualified or if other organisational Instructor qualifications are held, must attend a weekend familiarisation and induction to be able to instruct.

Yacht Training in Asia is Sail in Asia's most comprehensive Sail and Motor Yacht Training site. Check out the range of ISSA sailing and powerboat courses we run at SIA. The site is considered by many to be informative and easy to navigate. As a consequence, it is a very large site, but most customers find it answers most of their questions. If not, the Whats App and Email buttons put you in direct contact with us, almost right away.


Yacht Training for Schools

The video above shows the International Award-Duke of Edinburgh (Silver and Bronze Award) training and expeditions that are completed by International Schools students. Sail in Asia are a specialist water sports outdoor education provider offering unique sailing adventurous journeys in Phuket and Krabi. Our dedicated Yacht Training in Asia website will give you all the info you require for individual recreational training courses, outdoor education and a lot more!

Yacht Training in Asia

The ISSA Yacht Training Courses you will find on this site are designed for every level of Sailor - Learn to Sail novice sailors to Yachtmaster Offshore candidates. Yacht and Keelboat Sailors, Motor Yacht skippers, RIB skippers and Multihull Skippers are all covered by ISSA courses.

What ISSA does

ISSA is the leading yacht training system in Europe and has set its horizons now, on the Middle East and Asia. Formed in 1969 this European organisation was set up to promote yachting and water sports. The ISSA are a charitable organisation that are non profit making. The organisation has mostly been advisory and sought to encourage safe water sports activity throughout Europe and now has set its horizon on Asia too.

ISSA and SIA have produced a new selection of ISSA Course handbooks and course materials that are being piloted initially in Asia where there is a demand for new sea schools and Instructor Training. SIA are assisting in the establishing of new schools - From Dinghy Schools to Yachting Schools.


Create IP

Sail in Asia have worked closely with ISSA to produce a comprehensive set of ISSA course handbooks that range fron Junior Sailing programs to Yachtmaster Offshore - Sail and Motor Yacht qualifications. The handbooks are a huge leap forward and they are complemented with a range of Instructor Training Presentations for each course as well as Student Exercises and Assessments. SIA are in the business of Marine Education and have many years experience of training instructors, some of whom have gone onto forming their own companies around the world.

The ISSA and SIA started to produce ISSA Yacht Training Handbooks 4 or 5 years ago. Mike Downard worked with Rafal S Kandar to produce the beautifully illustrated books. They range from Keelboat Courses, Motor Yacht Courses, Multi Hull courses and of course Sailing Yacht Courses. They can be found in and purchased from our shop. We hope you enjoy these learning materials.


Open Schools in Asia

Open an ISSA School

Our main website, is full of useful information about yacht training courses as well as instructor training or for opening new ISSA schools in Asia. We help you to plan and execute actions that enable you to spend wisely and manage a new business cautiously. Our aim is to train good instructors but to provide you with Intellectual Property of a high calibre and to ensure that your instructors can teach to a good standard.

We have three levels of instructor to ensure young adults are encouraged to become assistant instructors and to progress to become Level 2 Inshore Instructors. Our training period is one month. Most yachting organisations like RYA and ASA run one week courses. As a professional educator (I consider this to be really inadequate and I have designed our courses to ensure that not only are the instructors proficient, but that they are well planned, capable of good lecturing ability and well equipped with excellent teaching resources. Being a good sailor doesn't make one a good Instructor! Talk to SIA if you want to be a good ISSA instructor.

ISSA Certification

ISSA Certification

ISSA Certified courses are at present issued on a plastic credit card type of material but the ISSA management are now keen to promote a much greener option - online registration and certification. We can't say too much about this at present but keep your eyes to the ground. We think there will be significant changes and we are hoping Asia will be a testing ground for this to happen.

Certification will be not be the end of your marine education hopefully, but the beginning. We hope to encourage students to not collect badges but experience. If you can record your experience online on an ISSA data base you will be able to show your mileage and experience to possible insurers and to course directors or bareboat charter agents. You will be able to prove your caliber and obtain lower insurance rates and easier yacht charter bookings.

Monitor Standards

Monitor Standards

Sail in Asia have become Asia's ISSA schools advisor and instructor training base, with the remit, to help open more ISSA schools in Asia.  Currently we have 5 prospective schools wishing to open and to run ISSA courses. SIA will make great efforts to ensure no schools are unsupported as they start off and as they become more experienced. SIA will ensure schools are using appropriate IP and are systematic in their approach to learning and encourage high standards of competency from instructors and sea schools administrators. The QMS of every school must be reviewed and improved over a period agreed by chief instructors and school owners / managers.

Yachts will be checked for safety gear and for equipment. Insurance is a key area of interest to customers and ISSA alike. The schools premises will we hope continually improve and will reflect the care and attention to detail that customers expect. Competency should be evaluated on check lists that are well considered and the syllabus of every course should be open to the student and be covered in the training materials - both practically and theoretically.

Advisory Role

Advisory Role

SIA will be able to reach most schools by social media or by email and so we hope to offer advice when requested by our local schools. Advisory work will normally be free after an ISSA school is opened. It is necessary to have a good idea of how the school is run and what development plans they are making to expand their business and their expertise. Advisory work will always be treated confidentially and schools must feel that they are being treated well but not given the green light when clearly amber is required. Advisory work is a positive process and SIA will always be trying to listen and to consider schools issues and perspectives.

An advisor is a communication link between Europes ISSA directorate and Asia. ISSA have a huge advantage in Asia now with many people interested in changing their life style from bored workers or over stressed managers to more life style ambitions. We hope to encourage this as sailing is such a glorious occupation and rarely creates major frustrations and angst. Teaching is a hugely satisfying occupation and that is the role of an advisor to help in this process.

Train Instructors

ISSA Instructor Training

Instructor Training is some of the most gratifying time and experience a senior instructor or coach may have. The ISSA Instructor Training system in Asia is split into 3 levels:

More information is available on this Instructor Training link. New schools may be proposed to Sail in Asia by owners and we would be delighted to receive interests from people in Asian countries. If you are interested in opening a school but would like to offer the local language please feel free to call us so we can offer support and advice.

Most courses are currently in European languages but it would be good to have Asian language handbooks and teaching materials. Contact us on Whats App or Email.