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Sail in Asia – Yacht Training, Yacht Charter, Teambuilding and Outdoor Education

SIA is a destination management company based in Thailand. SIA has been active in Phuket since 2004 and we are highly regarded as watersports trainers and corporate training specialists. Check out our websites below to see what we offer clients. 

Sail in Asia has expertise in IYT and ISSA Yacht Training and Certification, Team building jn Phuket, Outdoor Education in Asia and Yacht Charter in Thailand.  The SIA Sea School is considered the premier IYT and ISSA sailing school in Asia, as we offer the widest range of courses - Professional, Superyacht and Recreational.  We have a large fleet of yachts that are available for Yacht Training, Race Charter and Corporate Team Building as well as for our SIA Members use. 

Outdoor Education is our strong point and we have experience of over thirty years running OE courses all over the world including summer adventure camps for up to 300 students. Check out our Adventure Activity in Asia website to see what is on offer if you are a teacher or youth leader looking for new ideas. Adventurous journeys are our speciality.

Sail in Asia Watersports Activity Centre Phuket

The video below, shows you our almost perfect location, at Ao Yon, on Cape Panwa. Our fleet of 10 yachts and our watersports activity centre are evident in the video.
Most of our training and team building happens in this ideal location. Our watersports centre has changing rooms, and amenities right by the beach. Our yachts are anchored only 200 metres off the beach. Come and visit us if you can and see for yourself what a great location we have at Yon Bay.

Airlines One Design Regatta

The Airlines Regatta was hosted by Sail in Asia at Ao Yon Bay in Mid October 2017.  The Regatta was a three day event using our fleet of One Design Platus.  The yachts all had a similar sail wardrobe of Mainsail, Jib and Spinnakers that ensured very equal boats and therefore great racing.  the three day event was a stunning success with the airline crews and we will be running another in October 2018 hopefully with another One Design Class to cope with more teams and to make the parties even better.

The Sail in Asia One Design Fleet Racing in Ao Yon Bay

The Sail in Asia Fleet performing in Ao Yon Bay

Welcome to the SIA Members Club

The Sail in Asia Members Club has been formed to encourage our students, past and present to Go Sailing. Students who complete or have already completed a Zero To Hero Course are able to become Full Members of the SIA Members Sailing Club which gives them access to our yachts, at very reduced fees, (better than any other charter company or school in Thailand).
The aims of the club are to enhance students sailing abilities and to ensure they have easy access to yachts. Students can accumulate mileage and maintain or improve their skills and knowledge - particularly if they wish to become Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachmaster Offshore skippers.
Yachts will also be available for students who wish to join racing regattas and who want to learn to use assymetric and radial spinnakers or who just want to improve their yacht handling. Yachts will also be available for booking into our Weekend Flotilla Sailing (with safety boats in attendance).
Racing Courses will be organised for interested students or Members which will enable them to participate in local or International Regattas. We will teach crews to handle spinnakers, tune their boat and improve their boat handling, when they join our courses.
There are two types of membership. Full Membership and Associate Membership

Our SIA Fleet – Big boats!

The Corsair 28 Trimaran is for the speed freaks amongst you. Shanghai Babe can do over 20 knots on a windy day but is a delight for local journeys or weekend sailing.  The Trimaran can be parked right on the beach and even transported by road to other parts of Thailand or further afield!

The Farr 1104’s are the greatest training yachts SIA has ever had. These yachts have superb balance and feel, fast but not overwhelming and a delight for demonstrating controls and technique. They are superb day boats with easy access to the water for snorkelling or picnics ashore.

Our big RIB is used mainly for RIB Master training but can be rented out too for family excursions to beaches on nearby islands.

Our One Design Fleet

Sail in Asia’s One Design Fleet comprises 6 Platus. The fleet is sufficient for us to register at any SE Asian Regatta and qualify as our own monohull class. SIA Members and Associate Members can use the craft for day sailing in SE Phuket.
The Platus are all very similar and we use them for training beginners and for racing at local or International Regattas.  They are great boats to take out for a coastal day trip or just a bit of fun in Ao Yon Bay. They are soon to be equipped with Assymetric spinnakers as well as Symetrical spinnakers. Join in the fun and attend our race clinics where we teach students to handle spinnakers and improve their boat handling.

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