• Experience required prior training:  None
  • Certification required prior training:   VHF/SRC
  • Minimum age required:  16 years old
  • Equipment requirements: Power boat up to 12 m long, able to plane
  • Suggested number of training hours:  25 hours (including 6 h practice)
  • Who can run the training: ISSA Instructor
  • Who can do the examination:  ISSA Instructor
  • How to submit the application:  To authorised ISSA school only

Qualifications obtained after the course:

Skipper power boats:
– up to 12 m long (with inboard our outboard engine)
– day time
– conditions up to 6 B degrees
– up to 10 mile from shore


Skills and knowledge required for a Boat Master


• Knows the basic terminology of a power boat:
° Bow;
° Stern, aft, etc.
• Can fill up the water and fuel tanks;
• Can operate the engine;
° Start is;
° Switch it off;
° Check operation of cooling system;
° Check oil level;
° Top up engine oil;
° Check cooling fluid level;
° Top up cooling fluid level;
° Find bottom valves;
° Recognize the breakdown of impeller in cooling system and possibly replace it;
° Check whether alternator is charging batteries when engine is working.

• Knows elementary equipment of yacht:
° Echo-sounder (location, operation, typical errors);
° Log;
° Steering system;

• Can combine two lines of the same and different diameter;
• Can make:
° Bowline;
° Fast a line on a cleat;
° Fishermen’s bend;
° Coil mooring lines;
• Can:
° Pass, take, make fast on cleat, let go mooring lines;
° Throw mooring lines;
° Describe different ways of taking a mooring.

• Can:
° Fix the fenders using adequate knots;
° Effectively apply the manouvering fender;

• Can:
° Prepare the anchor for weighing;
° Select safe location for staying at anchor;
° Apply rules for safe anchoring (4xdepth, anchor alarm/watch);
° Distinguish different types of anchors and their characteristics.

• Can:
° Perform the safety briefing:
– How to move on deck;
– How to apply personnal safety equipment (harness, jackstay, etc.);
– Apply distress signalling equipment (pyrotechnics, flags, etc.);
– Different methods to send distress signal;
– Make a distress call with help of VHF;
– Knows procedures to be applied in restricted visibility;
– Basic knowledge about SAR procedures (RIB, helicopter);
– First Aid Kit (location and content).

Course Prices

Location Duration (days) Early Booking Discount Price
60 Days Before 30 Days Before Full Price
Phuket 7 57,000THB 62,000THB 67,000THB
Phuket 14 87,000 92,000 97,000
Palawan 7 1600 Euros 1745 Euros 1885 Euros
Palawan 14 2450 Euros 2590 Euros 2830 Euros