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ISSA Yacht Master Offshore Student Textbook


The ISSA Yacht Master Offshore is a course aimed at candidates who have completed the ISSA Offshore Skipper Course and have gained years of sailing experience(2800NM). The aim of the course is to increase the candidates’ nautical knowledge to competently take on the duties of a YMO on board a yacht – in daylight hours, at night, in busy sea lanes, or over 150NM offshore.

The ISSA Yacht Master Student Handbook has been put together to ensure prospective students have access to a text with good illustrations, that concisely and accurately represents the knowledge and skills required to participate in this very high level qualification. This comprehensive, high level, shore based and sea based course, includes assessment papers and written examinations.

Candidates are advised that a considerable amount of private study and varied cruising experience is required in addition to the formal instruction provided. We strongly advise you to sign up at least 3 months in advance so we can send you our course notes handbook, for revision purposes. (In two weeks it is impossible to cover everything that a Yacht Master should know, understand and be capable of practising). The handbook we provide condenses much of the knowledge required for a YMO aspirant student. YMO’s have a good understanding of sailing / boat handling, nautical terminology and safety at sea. This is a course for recreational and aspiring commercial skippers.  Check out the syllabus and some of the downloads for YMO on this link.


The ISSA Yacht Master Offshore handbook has been carefully crafted to make it a really useful source of learning.  This is a very high level course that few recreational sailors attain. It is often used as a stepping stone for people wishing to become Superyacht aspirant skippers.

The ISSA Yacht Master Offshore Handbook distills much of the knowledge and skills required in this useful handbook in a form that is easily accessible to the aspiring YMO.  Check out the Contents Page of the handbook on this page and see for yourself how many topics are covered for this high level course.

You probably need at minimum, to have at least the ISSA Offshore Skipper or equivalent (RYA Coastal Master or IYT Yachtmaster Coastal) and probably 3-5 years of seatime, plus the properly logged and signed sea miles as pre-requisites to enter this course.

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