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RIB Skipper 1 Course

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The RiB skipper 1 Course is an introductory familiarisation course for beginners to RIBs.  The Rigid Inflatable Boat is extremely popular all over the world. Generally it’s made of two materials, Hypalon and PVC. The PVC boat lasts about 3-5 years but degrades in the sun, Hypalon RIBs last about twice as long however, but they are almost double the price!  Usually these boats are powered by 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard engines. The 4 stroke is the much cleaner (environmentally speaking) ICE engine and the more reliable. RIBS come in many sizes from small 2.4 dinghies to 15m RIBs that are used by commercial concerns to facilitate offshore oil and gas operations as well as coastguard and life saving / safety roles.  Consequently there is a huge demand for training for these vessels.

The RIB Skipper 1 is a one day course aimed at introducing the boat to a beginner. The safe operation of this vessel cannot be under stated. This course aims to be a familiarisation and introduction to safe operating practices. The following topics are covered by this course:

  • Safety
  • Knots and ropework
  • The RIB – Parts of the boat
  • Launching a RIB safely
  • The Outboard Engine – 2 stroke or 4 stroke
  • Fuel handling
  • MOB
  • Slow speed manouvers
  • Higher speed manouvers
  • Coming alongside a vessel.
  • Recovering a RIB on a beach or slipway
  • Anchoring a RIB
  • Towing with a RIB

COURSE AVAILABILTY: This course is a one day course – the date you select below is an indication, we will contact you directly to confirm availability


The RIB Skipper 1 Course is a one day short course that has been designed to enable beginners to power boating to get a safe introduction to Rigid Inflatabe Boats. The course seeks to reduce the likely hood of purchasing a boat but not having organised and safe practices demonstrated before going on water. ISSA is committed to enabling recreational boating and safe practices by recreational boaters. This is a course that starts with Safety and ends with happy new power boaters who have learned new skills and have an understanding of what is involved in using a RIB.

ISSA RIB Skipper 1 Handbook (version 1) is available to purchase in the Shop and is a useful handbook for this course. It covers the introductory course in detail and is a valuable source of information for a RIB user.

COURSE AVAILABILTY: The RIB Skipper 1 course is a 1 day course – the course is usually run on 29th ,or 30th of each month but can be organised differently for Private Courses


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