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ISSA RIB Skipper 1 Student Textbook


The ISSA RIB skipper courses are designed for small and large RIBs. The aim of our courses is primarily education and safety. To obtain a RIB Skipper certification one also needs to have a VHF Radio operators certification and ideally a CENI Test should be taken and passed. Sea users should enroll in the Boat Master Course as a progression from RIB Master as it teaches navigation and a range of other marine topics not covered in the one or two day RIB courses.  Talk to SIA if you want further advice or information.


The RIB Skipper 1 is a new course aimed at familiarising absolute beginners with Rigid Inflatable Boats. The course is only one day in duration and seeks to develop safe practices, boating skills and knowledge to safely launch a small RIB and take it on placid water (lakes) or very calm seas close to land. This is an Introductory Course that should be followed up by the RIB Skipper 2 course which will then give an owner or user of a RIB much more knowledge and skill to raise the level of competence.

The RIB Skipper courses are designed to encourage students to get professional training as these boats are potentially hazardous when used by people with no training.  ISSA believes that nautical education is the ideal process for keeping water users safe and enthusiastic in the sport of power boating. We enjoy the environment so much more when we understand it and our impact on it. CEVNI regulations and VHF Radio course are encouraged as supplementary to RIB Skipper 1 and RIB Skipper 2.

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