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ISSA VHF Radio Course

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VHF Radio is a very important safey net system that marine craft use every day.  The basic vhf radio is now updated with a DSC VHF Radio that is able to send either analogue or digital radio transmissions. The VHF Radio Course is a yachts main safety system as it is possible to use in many situations that a mobile telephone would not!  Consequently the radio is marinised  (weather proofed) and thus rugged and reliable.

The course covers all aspects of use.  Simple communications, professional channels, Channel 16, ship to ship channels and of course the Emergency and Urgency channel 16.  Students learn to send messages that are normal and routine from yacht to yacht ,right thru to sending Mayday Relays, to other vessels, or coastguards.  The VHF radio course is assessed by a one hour exam and by a course handbook with assessments and exercises.

COURSE AVAILABILTY: This course is 1 day in duration – the date you select below is an indication, we will contact you directly to confirm availability


The ISSA VHF Radio course is a one day course aimed at students wishing to become Inshore Skippers, Offshore Skippers or Yachtmaster Offshore Skippers.  The aim of the course is to increase students knowledge and proficiency on air with routine communications as well as Urgency and Mayday incidents.  Students are carefully inducted into practical useage of yacht radios and even hand held radios.

Students are encouraged to complete routine messages, conversations with other yachts, Pan Pan urgency communications as well as Mayday and Mayday Relay messages using DSC vhf radios.  We also cover the GMDSS safety net system.  The VHF radio course has been carefully crafted to the DSC vhf radios we use on our boats at SIA.


COURSE AVAILABILTY: This course is 1 day in duration – the VHF Radio course is run on 5th and the 19th of every month.  Private courses may be arranged by mutual agreement.


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