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ISSA Keelboat Skipper Student Textbook


The Keelboat Crew Course has been designed for people who want to sail a boat thats not a sailing dinghy and wet, nor is it a yacht and pretty ponderous and expensive. Keelboats are lively, agile, fun to sail and ideal in light winds because they are so light.  The two day ISSA Keelboat Crew Course was designed by Sail in Asia so that we could teach people in a two day program what usually takes 3 or 4 days on a yacht.

Our expertise in yacht training stretches back nearly 35 years and in that time we have learned a few things. Our Keelboat Crew course handbook is widely acclaimed and is the basis for teaching this course. Have a look at our Keelboat Crew Content page and you will see how comprehensive it is but also how easy it is to access every subject.


The 2 day ISSA Keelboat Crew Course is one of our most popular courses. This is the course if you are a beginner to sailing and are wanting to see if you like the sport and perhaps then sign up for more sailing courses. Its the perfect boat for the weekend with two or three friends. The boat can actually take 6 people and its just so much fun! If you want to complete a course we can take up to 5 people plus an instructor.

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