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ISSA VHF Student Textbook


On this important Safety Course we teach students to use a vhf radio to transmit a Mayday, make Urgency Calls, act as a Mayday Relay and learn and understand radio protocol and the use of the radio procedure. We teach you about Search and Rescue protocol and your obligations and imperatives when responding to distress or urgency calls. We teach you to use a radio for everyday communication and for those situations where lives depend on your relay skills.

Students wishing to become  RIB Skippers, ISSA Instructors, Inshore/Offshore Skippers or Yacht Masters, must have completed a VHF Radio course* and students wishing to participate in MOY 200 tons courses must also have this qualification.


The Syllabus covers all of the following:

  • Line of Sight Operation- Basic VHF explained
  • Rules of usage
  • Basic Operation
  • Relay
  • Nato Phonetic Code
  • Met Info
  • Channel 16
  • Safety
  • Ships Channels
  • Urgency Calls
  • Emergency Calls
  • Satellite Devices
  • Obligations and imperatives
  • SART

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